My thoughts and opinions in the use of skype for hypnotherapy.

As a Senior Advanced Registered Hypnotherapist I would advise anyone considering using skype for hypnotherapy to first ask themselves, how safe the use of skype is for hypnotherapy?.

I feel that the use of skype for hypnotherapy is just a money making opportunity that unfortunatey many hypnotherapist are choosing.

The use of skype for hypnotherapy is a poor and inferior to a hypnotherapy session conducted in a clinic with a trained qualified and experienced hypnotherapist.

For hypnotherapy to work properly, the client will need to build up a good rapport with the hypnotherapist. This cannot be done successfully using skype.

Rapport is the basis of hypnotherapy. I feel it is impossible to build and maintain a good rapport through skype.

Skype is not an ethical way of offering hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a unique therapy and should be conducted face to face, not face to computer. Communication is of paramount importance.

Hypnotherapy through skype cannot be of the same unique quality you would expect to recieve with an experience qualified hypnotherapist in a face to face situation in their clinic.

I feel that the use of skype for hypnotherapy is just a money making opportunity that many unscrupulous hypnotherapist are cashing in on, without due consideration to the quality of the hypnotherapy they are providing to their clients.

Skype can distract from the whole process of hypnotherapy and will reduce the influence of hypnosis with the client, reducing the required results.

The hypnotherapist cannot monitor the client as they should during a face to face session held in a clinical enviroment.

Before entering into a hypnotherapy session through skype please consider all the complications that could arise during the hypnotherapy session, without a qualified hypnotherapist there to monitor your reaction.

I have seen some hypnotherapist even offering skype hypnotherapy during your working day while at work in your office.

Hypnotherapy should be completely confidential as you may be required to discuss very personal isues with your hypnotherapist, how could you relax thinking that someone could walk into the office or be listening in or even recording everything.

Things to Consider

  • Someone walks into the room
  • You have an unplaned or bad reaction (abreaction)
  • Your internet connection goes down.
  • Someone is recording the session.
  • There are other people in the room with the hypnotherapist.
  • Are you going to see your hypnotherapy session on you tube.
  • Suggestions can be given at the wrong times (timing is paramount)
  • How confidential is the session.
  • Why is the hypnotherapist using skpe and not seeing clients in their clinic.
  • You could be left feeling worse
  • Is the hypnotherapist qualified.
  • What if there is an emergency in your house (a fire or a intruder)
  • What happens if while under hypnosis you require assistance and lost connection.

All the above issues can be easily controlled and monitored by the hypnotherapist in a clinical enviroment.

I feel that hypnotherapy through skype is not a safe practice and it is wrong to pretend it is responsible or professional. I have even seen hypnotherapists who cannot run a successful clinic on a face to face basis trying to promote themselves as pioneers of skype hypnotherapy. A therapy that in my opinion should not even be conducted 

When I look at some of the issues and problems that my clients have presented over the past years, I can't even begin to imagine supporting those clients in a safe caring and professional way through skype. Especially with the more complex emotional issue such as Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Low Self Confidence, Panic Attacks these issue require much more support than can be offered using skype.

When a clients experiences the emotions that can be attached to long repressed memories the events can be extremely dramatic and sometimes quite daunting even for the hypnotherapist. The importance of the hypnotherapist remaining calm and reassuring is paramount as the hypnotherapist continues to reassure the client and to speak in a voice that is calming and confident, these issues can be controlled, contained and delt with as soon as they arise, by the hypnotherapist in a clinical enviroment

As a Senior Advanced Registered Hypnotherapist, I feel that the use of skype for hypnotherapy is a technique that loses the the personal nature of a one to one session. Body language is such an important factor of this unique therapy. The experience qualified hypnotherapist can spot any changes in body language, with skype the hypnotherapist can miss these important changes these deep emotions and doesn,t have the ability to contain a situation if the client was to become upset or had a abreaction.

In my opinion skype should not be used in hypnotherapy and has no place in hypnotherapy as it doesn't give the client the adequate protection they require and can leave the client feeling vulnerable and in some situation can place them in danger.

If you you require hypnotherapy seek out a suitable qualified and experienced hypnotherapist in your area who can offer hypnotherapy in a safe clinical enviroment.






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