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Weight Loss, Peterborough Hypnotherapy

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                               I  LOST OVER A STONE IN 3 WEEK. "ITS 'AMAZING"

                               I  LOST 2 STONE IN 7 WEEKS.  "ITS BRILLIANT"

                               I  LOST OVER 44LB.  'WITHOUT DIETING'

                               I  DROPPED 2 DRESS SIZES. "ITS SO EASY"

                               I  LOST 3 STONE.  "I FEEL SO GOOD"  



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The Amazing Hypno-Slimming Programme

  • Are you unhappy with you weight.?
  • Do your avoid looking in the mirror.?
  • Clothes don't fit.?
  • Tried all types of diet.?
  • Can't shift that extra weight.?
  • No motivation.?

                "The way you feel on the inside always reflects"

                          "The way we look on the outside"


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                                   Hypnotic Gastric Band

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Free Initial Consultation IF REQUIRED   

The comprehensive Hypno-Slimming Programme we use at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic is a proven and tested system developed over the past 18 years, it combines Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and counselling if required taking the power of hypnosis to an even greater level, producing excellent results.

The programme has already helped many people lose weight, and can help even the most stubborn person lose weight, as long as they really want to lose weight, then hypnosis can help. Also see the amazing new Hypnotic Gastric Band

Whether you want to lose a few pound or a few stone the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic has a programme for you.

Imagine This

  • Freedom From Thinking About Food All The Time
  • Eat Whatever You Want And Still Lose Weight
  • No Calorie Counting, Low Carb Or Low Fat
  • Feel Happy About The Way You Look
  • Boost Confidence And Self Esteem
  • Powerfull Motivation To Exercise
  • No Need To Diet Anymore
  • Overcome Cravings

Just the mere word 'diet' implies something you do temporary. You diet against your normal eating patterns which are controlled by your subconscious mind. You may lose weight, but it is usually only temporary. As soon as you stop dieting, your old eating habits and beliefs return again and your body goes back to what it was doing before the diet, often leaving you bigger than you were before you started dieting. Many of you may have already found this with the excellent diets on offer from places such as: Slimming World and Weight Watchers. But what happens as soon as you stop?. The weight goes back on.

Most traditional diets will programme your mind to think about food all the time, counting calories, planning meals, avoiding certain foods. As far as we are concerned, this approach is totally wrong. No wonder you end up being bigger than when you actually started the diet.

Just over 18 years ago the Hypno-Slimming Programme was developed utilising a combination of techniques that combine Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It has now been further updated and developed and can produce excellent results when used in conjunction with the 'Hypnotic Gastric Band' (you may have also seen the Mind Band, Hypno-Band and the Hypnotic Band, which are all very similar)

It was realised that the only reason we need to eat, is to stay alive and stay healthy. We all have an optimum amount of food that we need to stay alive and to stay healthy and anything we eat over that amount can turn to fat causing obesity.

The technique that we use helps you to recover the way you use to automatically control your weight, as you did when you were a baby. Think about a baby that you know, the baby knows exactly when to eat, the baby gets a very clear signal and it calls for food by crying, then when the baby has taken enough food the baby rejects the bottle or spoon. The perfect weight control system.

Over time, usually due to our lifestyle and over encouragement to eat by parents, we lose this very natural ability.

The Hypno-Slimming Programme delivered at the peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you and is a course of 4 sessions, one session a week for 4 weeks. Total Cost: £260

The Hypno-Slimming Programme can help to re-programme your subconscious mind to help you recover your natural latent ability to control your weight shape and size.

  • It can help you to reduce your portion size.
  • It can help you to leave food on your plate.
  • It can help deal with cravings.
  • It can help you to choose more healthy nutritious food.
  • You may start to feel full much sooner.
  • It can help with emotional hunger, such as eating when you are stressed, bored, feeling guilty or even to reward or punish yourself.
  • It can help with confidence, self esteem, motivation plus much more

The Hypno-Slimming Programme can also re-programmes your subconcious mind, helping you to feel more confident and to build up your self esteem, making you feel good about yourself. Helping you to become the person you really want to be.

The Hypno-Slimming Programme at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic now offers our full back up and reinforcement sessions for all clients who have a BMI of over 30. The back up sessions allows you to return to the clinic for extra sessions if required, at half the normal session rate and this is available until you reach the BMI, that is right for you.



For Clients that feel they may require extra support through the initial period.

The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic can now offer the clients extra support with the newly developed extended Hypno-Slimming Programme. the extended programme is spread over a 3 month period with the first 4 sessions delivered once a week for the first 4 weeks, the same as the normal Hypno-Slimming Programme. The extended programme then give extra support and assistance over the next 2 months.

One to one sessions 

The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic can also except referrals from your GP.

For companies that may be interested in the Hypno-Slimming Programme.

Please contact the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic on: 07963 419 829 or email: tim@timpinninghypnosis.co.uk

Some company health insurances will cover all the costs of the hypnotherapy programme.

The Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic also offer the Weight Loss Programme on a two session option which covers some of the below and includes the Hypnotic Gastric Band ,See Prices.

The 2 session option is only available on a one to one basis.


How can Hypnosis help me ?

  • Hypnosis can help you in many ways to achieve your goal weight.
  • Hypnosis can help bring back a balance to your life.
  • Hypnosis can help you to eat less.
  • Hypnosis can help you to eat only when you are physicaly hungry.
  • Hypnosis can help you to eat more healthy foods 
  • Hypnosis can help you to eat more fruit and vegatables.
  • Hypnosis can help you to eat more low calorie foods.
  • Hypnosis can help you to avoid high calorie foods.
  • Hypnosis can help you, eat less sugary foods such as: chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  • Hypnosis can help you to eat less startchy foods such as: bread, flour, crisps, etc.
  • Hypnosis can help you to eat only healthy food in between meals.
  • Hypnosis can help you stick to your diet.
  • Hypnosis can help you to drink more water. 
  • Hypnosis can help you to drink less alchohol.
  • Hypnosis can help to motivate you.  


All the above can be achieved with the help of hypnosis, all you need to do is, really want to lose weight and the Hypno-Slimming Programme at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you achieve your goal weight with the use of hypnosis.

Our Hypno-Slimming Programme can help you on the road to losing weight, helping you start losing weight and achieve your goal size and shape, from the very first session. Although we do advise you to enrol on to the full Hypno-Slimming Programme ( 4 sessions at our special discounted rate ). This will enable you to get the full benefits from the Hypnotherapy sessions.

Alternatavely you can purchase Hypno-Slimming Programme for you to use at home, for just £79.99, plus p&p

Payments taken through Paypal or cash on the day

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                     Telephone: Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic: 07963 419 829






The Hypno-Slimming Programme consists of five Cds, and includes the Hypnotic Gastric Band CD you will also receive the Complete Hypnotic Slimming Guide Book to help you to stay on track.

                     The Total Cost is £79.99

                   To Purchase see CDs Page

The Full Hypnotic Slimming Programme Can Also Be Down Loaded @ www.timpinninghypnosis.co.uk


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