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I specialise in driving test nerves, I am probably one of the leading and most experienced therapists in this field, having already helped hundreds of people pass their driving tests

Are you driving well on your driving lessons but can't perform on your test

  • Nerves getting in the way of you passing your test.
  • Feeling sick, when thinking about tests.
  • Legs start shaking.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Mind goes blank.
  • Can't concentrate.
  • All the preparation and practice seems wasted.

Hypnosis can help you pass your driving test.

Over the years with my own experience and and after talking to many driving instructors and driving examiners, I have found that a great many people fail their driving test or even fail to turn up for the test because they get to nervous.

Everything you have learned and practised in your driving lessons has suddenly been forgotten, your mind goes blank and you begin to panic, resulting in you failing your driving test and left feeling disapointed with yourself and your performance. This is where I can help.

Using my unique proven system which has been developed over many years, I am now in a position to help even the most nervous clients pass their driving test, helping them to acheive their goal. I can do this by helping you to relax, but at the same time helping you to focus, concentrate and to perfom at a heightened state of awareness. this can be done without the the use of drugs such as calms, rescue, beta blocker or any other drugs you doctor or pharmacist may prescribe. These drugs do help you relax but at the same time reduce your awareness and concentration at a time when they need to be at there greatest, making you perform well below your natural ability. This has been seen over and over again by driving instructors.

So How Can I Help ?

Well as I mentioned earlier I specialise in driving test nerves, I am probabley one of the leading and most experienced therapist in this field, having already helped hundreds of people to pass their driving test. The system I use is a unique system that is not used by any other therapist, it combines Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, with the relatively new powerful science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This takes the power of hypnosis to an even greater level producing excellent results. The system allows me to help you to relax, concentrate, and be confident allowing to perform at a greater level of awareness when necessary, helping you to remember all the things you have learnt and practiced in your driving lessons, and using them to help you pass your test.

Why waste all that money failing your driving test over and over again, just because you get nervous on the day.


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