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Phobias, Peterborough Hypnotherapy

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We all have fears of some kind, but some fears are irrational and can disrupt our lives.

A phobia is an extreme fear, one so overpowering that the person cannot function in a normal rational way.

The phobic person can become very limited because of fear, when such a fear causes panic attackes, then it can be classed as being a phobia. Some people can live with a phobia, without it causing them to much concern or disrupting their life, where others may find their phobias cause constant irratation or embarrassment.

Phobias can begin to take over your life.

Generally the longer you have had the phobia the longer it can take to dissappear.

There are three main classes of phobias, Social Phobias, Agrophobia, and Simple Phobias


Social phobias are fears and avoidance of putting yourself in certain situation, in the public eye, such as: eating in public, using public lavatories, speaking in public, even signing papers in front of others, it can be any situation where you find yourself exposed to other people.


Agoraphobia with panic attacks involve not only all the fears and avoidance of social phobias, but also contain the extra fear of being alone or away from a place of safety such as: your home, car, away from a friend, or parent, any situation where you may feel alone and away from your comfort  zone.


Simple phobias normally only represent one single symptom such as: a fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of cats, although somtimes these phobias are far from being simple and need to be handled in the correct way. A simple phobia is usually the aftermath of an experience of severe panic, pain or both, the origin of which may have been long forgotten.

If you have a phobia, hypnosis can work very well.

Hypnosis has one of the highest success rate of all for conquering fear and phobias, and is by far the quickest.

The irrational mood of fear can be eliminated by reprogramming the analytical mind.

Remember there is no greater freedom than the freedom from fear. Fear is literally false evedence that appears real.

There are many phobias as there are classes of objects and situations about which people may develop irrational fears.

Phobias are traditionaly given long ancient greek names such as:

  • Selnophobia, ( a fear of the moon )
  • Pogonophobia, ( a fear of beards.)
  • Agoraphobia,   ( a fear of open spaces )
  • Thalassophobia, ( a fear of the ocean )
  • Acrophobia, ( a fear of heights.)
  • Cyberphobia, ( a fear of computers. )
  • Iatraphobia,  (a fear of the doctor )
  • Claustraphobia, ( a fear of confined places.)
  • Ailurophobia, ( a fear of cats.)
  • Algophobia, ( a fear of pain.)
  • Bacteriophobia , ( a fear of germs.)
  • Cardio phobia, ( a fear of heart disease. )
  • Cynophobia,  (a fear of dogs )
  • Haemophobia, ( a fear of blood.)
  • Trickadelkophobia, ( a fear of the number 13 )
  • Phasmophobia, ( a fear of ghosts )

Phobias can be conquered with the help of hypnotherapy, as long as the person really wants to conquere them. All you need to do is attend our hypnotherapy sessions and we will guide you through the process of conquering your phobia.

Hypnosis can help you on the road to conquering your phobia in just one session, althouth the more deep rooted phobias may require further sessions. We suggest you enrol on to the course of four sessions (at our specially reduced rate) this will enable you to achieve the full benifits from your hypnotherapy sessions. It will help bring back a balance to your life.Helping you become the person you really want to be.  


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