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Our Approach And How it Feels

 Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free intial consultation if required either over the telephone or at the clinic.

The service we offer is friendly,  professional and relaxed giving us the perfect atmosphere for the hypnosis session.

On arrival at the clinic you will be greeted by the receptionist who will show you to the waiting area.

The hypnotherapist will then show to the room where the hypnotherapy session will take place.

During hypnosis you are given suggestions that will change your life.

Before we begin with the hypnotic induction, I work with the client to develop and find suggestions that can help benefit the client. When you choose the suggestion you want the hypnotherapist to say, you are more likely to respond.

Hypnosis manages to change the way your brain interprets experiences. It can change your perception, your thoughts, your behaviour and your feelings.

When you are in the hypnotic state you are in a state of deep concentration. You are extremely focused and paying attention to the hypnotists words while ignoring everything else going on around you.

After the hypnotherapist has guided you into the hypnosis you become extremely suggestible. It is at this point that the hypnotist introduces new ideas to you. Those ideas are absorbed by your unconscious mind and become part of your thinking. After the new ideas are implanted and you have had chance to visualise them, the hypnotist will gently guide you back to your regular state.

Throughout the hypnotic experience you are totally in control of yourself. You can speak, you can hear, you can move and you can come back to your ordinary state of being whenever you wish. It is not possible to remain hypnotised any longer than you want to be.

How will I feel

  • Most people feel physically relaxed and mentally alert while hypnotised. Some say it feels like meditation, other say its similar to feeling induced be certain drugs.
  • You may feel like you are in an isolation booth because you will concerntrate on the hypnotherapists voice so intently you pay no intention to your enviroment. paying attention only to the voice you hear and the suggestions offered to you.
  • During hypnosis you may have a distorted perception of time. Some people assume only a few minutes have passed, when it really is much longer. Others think they have been hypnotised for hours when its only minutes.
  • Your body may feel weighted down and heavy or light, as if you are floating. Some people feel warm and many feel a tingling through their bodies.

     Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic:

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