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The Amazing New Easy Way To Lose Weight     


The amazing new Hypno-Slimming Programme, now available on CD, including the Hypnotic Gastric Band. The CDs are available in a set of 5 and includes,

CD 1 Hypno-Slimming Programme

CD 2 Hypno-Slimming Programme

CD 3 Hypno-Slimming Programme

CD  4 Hypnotic Gastric Band

CD 5 Reinforcement

You will also receive a free book guiding you through the programme

The Hypno-Slimming Programme has produced excellent result at the Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic and has now been made available on CD.

For more information please see pages on Hypno-Slimming and  the Hypnotic Gastric Band. The testomonials may also help to show you how hypnotherapy can help you

The total cost of the whole package at the clinic would be £439.99.

The cost of the full set of five CDs is RRP, £79.99.          



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